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Pastor Kirk's Ponderings - December 2023


Santa Claus is comin’ and the kids are gettin’ greedy
It’s Christmastime
They know it’s in the stores – because they’ve seen it on the TV
It’s Christmastime


Our culture loves Christmas. We spend money buying gifts for Christmas. We argue about whether retailers should be chastised or praised for using the word “Christmas” in their advertising. We spend time, energy, and lots of money on gifts, cards, food, and even vacations this time of year.

Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas? If we have, when did we lose it? Had we lost it when musician Larry Norman wrote the words to the song above? He wrote that song in 1969. Had we lost it long before that?

“The Feast of Christ’s Nativity is spent in Reveling, Dicing, Carding, Masking, and in all Licentious Liberty … by Mad Mirth, by long Eating, by hard Drinking, by lewd Gaming, by rude Reveling …”
— Congregational Minister Cotton Mather (Pastor of Boston’s Original Old North Church) 1712

It seems like the sentiment is not at all new. We don’t have to be wrapped up in all the stress and strain of the Christmas season, but try as we may, we usually end up stressed and wishing for something simpler. Let us continue to live out love and also continue to live out the mission of Peace Memorial Church. Here’s an invitation to focus on Jesus’ birth this Advent season. Please join us – and bring your friends as well!

December 3: 9:30 am - First Sunday of Advent. Join us each Sunday in Advent as we prepare for the near arrival of Christmas.
December 8: 7:00 pm - Wine Bottle Painting and Wine Tasting (21+)
December 10: 9:30 am - Second Sunday of Advent - followed after the worship service by our Christian Education Christmas Party (11 am) and then Christmas Caroling (1 pm)
December 13: 7:00 pm - Blue Christmas Service – A service of healing and hope in a season that doesn’t always feel joyful.
December 17: 9:30 am - Third Sunday of Advent with our Children’s Christmas Pageant during the worship service.
December 24: 9:30 am - Fourth Sunday of Advent and then . . . Christmas Eve services
4:00 pm - Family service with readings, carols, candles, and the sermon ‘Checklist’
10:30 pm - Pre-service String Quartet
11:00 pm Traditional Christmas Eve service with readings, carols,
candles, and the sermon ‘Checklist’

During this Advent season, let’s get ready for God to move – in our lives and all
over the world. Join us for the celebration!